Thursday, December 10, 2015

Toronto: November 10, 2015; Massey Hall

Off to Mississauga again today. 

Here's a photo from my wandering yesterday.  I'm getting a hang of my camera.  This is, obviously, historic Massey Hall on Shuter St in Toronto.  Off the top of my head, official (ie--non bootleg) live recordings from Massey Hall include Neil Young and Tears for Fears.

I'm a big fan of light trails, so obviously this is a long exposure.

I will post more photos from my afternoon trek around the city in tomorrow's post.

Off to Detroit and New York City starting over the weekend.  Whoever's still reading, btw, thanks for reading....

Click to enlarge the photo, as always.

Massey Hall, Toronto, December 9, 2015 at 6:57 PM.  I was originally across the street, but a car stopped in front of my tripod set up, so I moved.  Turned out to be a better shot.  It was starting to rain and I was worried about my camera, so this was the last shot of the day.  ISO 200, f/16 (to keep everything nice and sharp and create light trails) and shutter speed 3.2 s.  

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