Sunday, November 22, 2015

Austin: November 22, 2015 (part 2); what I ate

Before I left, a few people were interested in what I was going to eat.  I don't want to talk about everything, but I do love talking about barbecue.  

I went to Stubb's for their gospel brunch, which was a buffet, (see previous post for their sign).  Good music, good food.  I'm guessing this would be handy for Southerners--eating and a bit of church at the same time.  (Click on photos to enlarge, and click again to get a magnifying glass icon to enlarge again).

This was my first plate.  Biscuit, gravy, some egg thing, sausage and lean(er) beef brisket.  Now, I felt like the guy carving the meat was intentionally withholding meat, and I wasn't happy.  Plus, I like my brisket fatty.  Fatty! 
This was plate number 2.  This plate was a mistake. Specifically, the amount of food was a mistake.  I added the utensils to give an idea of the size of the portions.  That's a chicken thigh and drumstick and fatty brisket.  The guy, this time, just started piling the brisket on, and I didn't want to turn it away.  I didn't eat again for 7 hours, and even eating then might have been a mistake.

Whole Foods, the mothership locations (its world HQ because Whole Foods started in Austin), is huge and the barbecue was unexpectedly delicious.  I had to go back again before leaving.  That's brisket and some pork ribs, green beans and coleslaw.  I regret not getting the beef ribs, but seriously, I didn't even need dinner.....

Nashville tomorrow.  I think I might eat just vegetables because I would really like a fresh vegetable at this point....

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