Monday, November 23, 2015

Austin: November 22, 2015 (part 3); random shots

These are just some random photos from the Austin portion of my trip.  (Click on photos to make bigger.... blah blah blah).

The greeter at an antique store in Fredericksburg.

Johnson City.  Actually a small town.

A store in Johnson City.

Alamo Drafthouse.  A must attend for movie lovers.  They have a strict no talking policy.  You will get thrown out.
The people in Austin really are friendly.  They also really like football.   I overheard literally about three or four conversations about the Cowboys or football over the last two days.  These aren't just stereotypes!  And there were some pretty awesome Texan accents.  (I love American regional accents, followed closely by Canadian regional accents).

Something else that I enjoyed:  I was on E 6th St last night and a bunch of "kids" (people, at max, in their early 20s, could be high school) were lined up in formal wear to get in to an event--I'm guessing a prom-like party.  One kid, seemingly without a trace of irony, was wearing a formal jacket and pants (I think black pants and white jacket) and a cowboy hat!  If only formal wear for men was open to this back home!

I may be unable to post tomorrow because I'm not sure what kind of internet connection I'll have open to me in Nashville, but these are hopefully some posts to hold you over--for anyone who might be reading this....

See you in Nashville.

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