Friday, December 18, 2015

New York (Newark): December 18, 2015; Christmas and Porter

I'm in Newark Liberty Airport as I type this, in the Porter Airlines lounge.  Pluses for Porter:  snacks included, non-alcoholic beverages included, free wifi for Porter customers.  Minuses for Porter:  delays (I can't remember the last time a Porter flight I was on took of in time, except maybe between Toronto and Ottawa).  Whatever....comes with travelling, I guess.

I visited the 9/11 Museum, which I wasn't going to do, but I was up early and it opened at 9 AM.  I didn't take many photos, partly because it felt disrespectful to me, but there are also many parts of the museum where photos are prohibited.  It really is a well-designed museum.

I went back to Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine today, which I visited in September (see here) and earlier this week, on Wednesday.  This Wednesday, I found out that there is a tour that climbs one of the staircase inside, all the way to above the ceiling, that occurred today, and includes going outside to a view of Manhattan.  More on this later--hopefully I got some good photos.

In the meantime, some random photos of Christmas in New York.....  Click to enlarge and inspect.....

One of the windows at Bloomingdale's.  
Another window at Bloomingdale's.  Note that the snowman/person on the left is holding a phone.  He (she?) takes photos of people at the window, which are posted and available on the internet.  I've seen mine but haven't been able to download it, if that's possible.

Look!  It's the Cartier Store, wrapped up like a present you'll never own!
Miniature Canada Geese wearing giant rings, or ordinary-sized Canada Geese wearing giant rings around their necks.  Lord and Taylor, New York City.

Gingerbread men carrying a house.  Slave labour!!!

Macy's.  Obviously.

Okay, the Porter plane has just arrived and I need to get my boarding pass verified or something because I printed my own.  More tomorrow.

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